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The RusPrix Award 2018 was held in The Netherlands
The RusPrix Award 2017 was held in The Netherlands
Russian-Dutch relations span over many centuries
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The RusPrix Award 2018 was held in The Netherlands
RusPrix Award Comite, 12.07.2018
The RusPrix Award took place on Friday, 15 June, in the Netherlands. The prizes - presented by Adviser to the President of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (RF CCI) Georgi Petrov and Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin - were awarded to organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions to the development of Russian-Dutch relations.

"We have a relationship with many countries, however, this ceremony takes place only in the Netherlands", said Petrov. In his opinion, this unique bilateral project exists because "The Netherlands is a great trading nation and one of the most important economic partners of Russia." "I am confident that the award will be a success for many years to come", - said the adviser to the President of the RF CCI.

This year, the prize was awarded in five categories:

Award for the outstanding contribution to the development of Dutch-Russian economic cooperation in the field of renewable energy Red Wind B.V. , Joint venture of Lagerwey and Rosatom companies Rosatom subsidiary, Novawind, and Dutch wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey have created a joint venture, Red Wind B.V. to accelerate development of a wind power energy in Russia. Red Wind is responsible for the marketing, sales, delivery of the turn-key wind turbines and their after-sales support. Red Wind will also lead the localization program in Russia, contracting and providing qualification to the suppliers of NovaWinds productions sites in Rostov Region in Russia. Red Wind already has a pipeline of business with a production program that includes 388 wind turbines to be delivered by 2022.

Lagerwey will assist Red Wind in training of the personnel, required for the wind turbines manufacturing and wind farms operation and will supply components for the first 60 wind turbines. According to Mr. Huib Morelisse, CEO of Lagerwey: "Red Wind B.V. is a logical continuation in our joint effort building a solid and technologically advanced Russian wind industry. Together we form the basis for a new market with a huge potential. The fact that Dutch technology is the basis for this makes us proud."

Award for the outstanding contribution to the development of Dutch-Russian economic relations in the field of logistics and transport AirBridgeCargo AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) was launched in 2004 as a division of Volga-Dnepr group to perform internationally scheduled cargo services. In April 2004 the first branded Boeing 747 made its commercial flight on route from Luxembourg to Beijing. Since then Company has come a long way, more than 13 years of steady growth: and now AirBridgeCargo (ABC) is the leading all-cargo carrier in Russia and operates among the top ten international cargo airlines worldwide.
Throughout ABC`s development, the airline has achieved strong growth, reporting 17% compound average growth rate of tonnage in the last five years. Now a modern and innovative ABC fleet consists of 18 Boeing 747 freighters, including eleven new-generation 747-8F aircrafts, providing the reliability and variety of services customer needs.
The company operates scheduled freighter services, providing transportation linkages in Asia, Europe and North America via its hub in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport and embracing major cargo hubs, among them being Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore and others. ABC has been recognized for the quality of its service performance with leading industry awards.

Award for his personal contribution to the development of Dutch-Russian economic cooperation Mr. Dennis van Diemen Voerman International has been an industry leader in providing top quality moving and relocations since 1986. When he was assigned the role of Country Manager in 2005, Mr. Dennis van Diemen decided it was time for new challenges. Even at difficult times, he strived to be the best, and aimed to stay the leader in the transportation and relocation industry.
In past years, Mr. van Diemen managed to Increase the number of staff members more than 5 times and achieved a 10-fold increase in revenue, making Voerman Russia the most profitable branch of Voerman International. In 2017, the successful Russian branch moved into its new premises that include a state of the art office and a class-A warehouse, 24/7 video surveillance, the ability to track hipments on-line, and digital documentation. The official opening ceremony of the warehouse was attended by many prominent figures from the industry, and Her Excellency, Ambassador of the NL to Russia, Renee Jones-Bos, visited this event as her first official visit in the role of Ambassador. But according to Dennis van Diemen personally, his main success is his participation in the project of integration of children with Downs syndrome in the working environment. Under his leadership, Voerman International became the first commercial organization in Russia to successfully and officially employ a person with Downs Syndrome.

Award for his personal contribution to the development of Dutch-Russian scientific cooperation Mr. Ferdinand Feldbrugge Professor Feldbrugge is the leading expert in the field of Soviet and Russian legislation in the Netherlands, the author of numerous works on this topic. Professor Feldbrugge for many years headed the Institute of Eastern European Law at Leiden University; in the 90x he advised Russian parliamentarians and specialists in the development of legislative acts of the Russian Federation, including the development of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
In 2017, the professor presented his new book, The History of the Law of Russia, which he devoted his work to over the past few years. Dutch and Russian experts in the field of Law highly appreciate Professor Feldbrugge`s many years of experience in the legal field, his contribution to the development of international legal instruments.

Award for the contribution to the development of Dutch-Russian relations at the regional level Groningen-Murmansk. This is when real people do real things! Residents of the small towns do a very big thing - Murmansk and Groningen became twin cities. The cooperation between Groningen and Murmansk takes on an increasingly social direction and focuses on such issues as the development of ducation, scientific and technical and artistic creativity, mass sports, the activities of children and youth, the support of motherhood and childhood.
The list of joint projects is very long; for example, cooperation and exchange of students between schools, gymnasiums and universities and cultural exchanges, and exhibitions of photographs and children`s drawings.

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