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Leonsia Erdenko & Co. – The guests of the cultural program of RusPrix A...
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Leonsia Erdenko & Co. – The guests of the cultural program of RusPrix Award 2017
Organizing Committee RusPrix Award, 14.01.2017

The guests of the cultural program of RusPrix Award 2017 are a very well-known Russian Gypsy singer Leonsia Erdenko with her musical-dancing group.

All who are familiar with Russian Folklore cannot imagine Russia without the passionate gypsy music and dance.

The very first Court Gypsy choir was founded by Russian Count Orlov, the favorite of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Since then, various Gypsy performers: singers, musicians, dancers - became an integral part of Russian culture. The Gypsies performed Russian folk and dance songs in their own way, creating almost a new style of music. Many of the songs were written specifically for Roma artists, who carefully preserved the culture of the Russian romance to our time.

No holiday is complete without a mix of Russian and Gypsy music! This is a nice tradition and a talisman for good luck.

Leonsia Erdenko is the daughter of the famous Roma singer Nikolay Erdenko and since 1987 she steadily performs at concerts. She entered her musical career with the band "Djang", which was led by her parents – Nikolay and Rozaliya Erdenko. Leonsia devoted herself to intensive study of music, specially playing the piano, dancing and singing. In collaboration with the composer Gosha Barkin they recorded in 1997 album "The new Gypsy music", which contained well-known Romani melodies in a modern concept. Less than 3 years later she and Alexey Bezlepkin gave rise to a new band, Trio Erdenko.

Trio Erdenko - the winner of the Second Bulat Okudzava International festival in Krakow (Poland) 2003. Furthermore, she travelled the world with the famous band Loyko, which she recorded three discs with. Leonsia not only gives concerts throughout the world, but also cooperates with various artists in record production and is also active in the film industry. They took part in the international projects, joint concerts, festivals: "Rom-Hap"-87 (Belgrade),"Time of the Gypsies" May, 2001(Munich), with participation E. Redzepova, G. Bregovich, P. de Lucia (Munich), "Kremerata - festival" by Gidon Kremer (Austria), "No Smoking Orchestra" with E.Kusturiza, "Zdob-si-Zdub" (Russia-Moldova) 2000, "Bratch" (France - Russia), "Khamoro" (Prague) 2002, 2008, the European Gipsy Music Stars show with participation B.Markovich, K.Balogh, Mitsou, F.Snetberger (Budapest) 2003, "Fjord Music festival" (Norway)2003, Agueda Gypsy festival (Portugal) 2003, B.Okudzhava songs Festival (Krakow, Poland) 2003, "Ethnic Process Show" by V.Chekasin (free-jazz) Vilnus-Moscow 2004-2005, etc., Bal de la Rose 2007 (Monaco) feat.T.Gatlif, B.Lagrene, Chiko & the Gipsies, Fanfare Ciokarlia.

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