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The RusPrix Award 2016 was held in The Netherlands
Russian-Dutch relations span over many centuries
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The RusPrix Award 2016 was held in The Netherlands
Organizing Committee RusPrix Award, 25.06.2016
The RusPrix Award took place on Friday, 24 June, in the Netherlands. The prizes - presented by Adviser to the President of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (RF CCI) Georgi Petrov and Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Alexander Shulgin - were awarded to organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions to the development of Russian-Dutch relations.

"We have a relationship with many countries, however, this ceremony takes place only in the Netherlands", said Petrov. In his opinion, this unique bilateral project exists because "The Netherlands is a great trading nation and one of the most important economic partners of Russia." "I am confident that the award will be a success for many years to come", - said the adviser to the President of the RF CCI.

This year, the prize was awarded in five categories:

For outstanding contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch economic relations in agriculture, the honorary diploma and a statuette in the form of two intertwined tulips, painted in the colors of the national flags of the two countries, was received by the APH Group.

For the best results achieved by a Dutch company on the Russian market, KUBO Greenhouse Projects was the winner.

The award for contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch economic relations was received by Maarten Leo Pronk.

The Award for development of relations in the sphere of education were granted to the Tomsk State University and the University of Maastricht, implementing a number of joint programs, including training in the field of physics specialists, biology and medicine.

In addition, a special prize of the "Russian world" for his outstanding contribution in support of the Russian language and culture in the Netherlands received a historian and translator Gerard Willem van der Meiden.

"This is the first time I take part in the ceremony, and it was such a great experience, - Russian Ambassador to The Netherlands Shulgin stated in an interview. Unfortunately, our relations are going through a difficult time, in which trade relations are reduced, but we still consider the Netherlands as our key partner." The country, he recalled, takes "the third place in terms of turnover after China and Germany and is the second largest investment partner, with more than $60 billion of accumulated investments in Russia."

"It is noteworthy that, despite the difficult times, none of the Dutch companies working in the Russian market left the country", - the diplomat said. They continue to plan and together with its Russian partners are preparing the prerequisites for the resumption of full cooperation.

The RusPrix Award has been held annually since 2004. The event is organized by the Public Diplomatic Corps Foundation. Of course, with support of their sponsors, which this year were:

• Lukoil Oil Company
• AkzoNobel
• Voerman International
• Van Oord
• Gasterra
• Linx Datacenter
• Port of Rotterdam

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