Energy Delta Institute
is laureate of RusPrix 2007 in nomination "Contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch educational relations"
Energy Delta Institute is laureate of RUS Prix 2007 in nomination "Contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch educational relations"

Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international business school for energy, with a focus on natural gas and oil. EDI structurally contributes to the knowledge and skills that are necessary for all of you working in the energy industry. Main aim of EDI is to contribute to educate the current and future energy manager. Therefore, EDI coordinates research programmes and organises training programmes, focused on all economical, managerial, juridical and geopolitical aspects of the gas & oil value chain.

The changing role of gas
Natural gas already plays a major role in supplying energy to our world. And this most environment-friendly fossil fuel is expected to overtake oil as the global fuel of choice in less than 20 years. Natural gas is the stepping stone to a new world powered by sustainable energy.
But guess what?! Our energy world is in turmoil. Big changes are taking place, hampering the road to powering our future energy market. The gas industry is rapidly moving away from the times where in each country the market was supplied by one large company with supply contracts of 20 years or more. Our new gas market is overrun by new players with branches in many countries, creating a market where customers, varying from a big power plant to a household around the corner, are shopping around for their energy supply. Regulation is a force we have to take into due consideration. Flexible short-term trading and all its financial instruments is becoming an integral part of the gas industry. And what to think of security of supply and safety - issues that become more and more prominent by the day.

Foundation of EDI
No doubt this changing energy world makes you ask questions about the whole gas value chain: upstream, midstream and downstream. You want and you need to stay on top in this highly competitive and rapidly changing energy environment. So we all have but one choice: invest in knowledge. We all need knowledge to create energy, but we also need energy to create more knowledge. Therefore N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, GasTerra B.V., OAO Gazprom and the University of Groningen founded the Energy Delta Institute. They were joined by Shell in 2006, and RWE in 2007. To ensure our products meet your demands and are of the highest quality EDI cooperates with a large number of business and academic parties. And our global network of partnerships is rapidly expanding.

EDI`s location
EDI`s headquarters, the hotel and training centre "Hampshire Plaza", is appropriately situated right on top of the Groningen field, Europe`s largest gas field. Hotel "Hampshire Plaza" is attractively located on the Hoornse lake, a stone`s throw away from the pleasant city of Groningen, the Amsterdam of the North with many sights, canals, boats, bars, and so forth.

EDI is unique. Unique as a result of the combination of the business experiences of its gas partners and the theoretical knowledge of its academic partners. Benefit from our expertise and join our network. After all, Knowledge creates Energy creates Knowledge creates Energy…

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