De Lage Landen Russia
Award for the outstanding contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch cooperation in the area of Finance and Agriculture
Financial company De Lage Landen Leasing is one of the largest players in the global financial market, carrying out operational activities in 35 countries. The motto "See what counts" clearly reflects the essence of the company.

In Russia, DLL Leasing has been represented since 2006 and today it is recognized as one of the most active representatives of Western leasing companies in the agrarian sector of the Russian Federation, in the field of financing agricultural machinery of foreign production.

The general client portfolio of DLL Leasing includes over 2500 contracts and 1000 clients, most of which are Russian agricultural enterprises.

The joint program of RSM Finance in Russia, implemented within the framework of the cooperation agreement between DLL Leasing and the Rostselmash plant, which was signed on April 21, 2016, has already demonstrated its effectiveness. In less than a year, more than 100 customers were financed, who purchased 220 units of equipment produced by the Rostselmash plant, for a total amount of about 15 million Euros. This program already involves 25 authorized dealers of the plant, located throughout Russia, and this is only half of the dealer network of the plant. At present, RSM Finance has 4 branches in the south of Russia and the central region of the country. According to the most conservative estimates, the volume of new business in 2017 should double in comparison with 2016.

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