Zaans Museum
laureate of RusPrix 2014 in nomination "Outstanding contribution to the development of Russian-Dutch cultural relations"
The Zaans Museum on the Zaanse Schans is situated in a modern building. The industrial design of this building is as unique as the museum collection which details the history of the Zaans region.

When you step into the museum you will immediately get a taste of a prosperous past. The magnificent collection of regional costumes, Zaans painted furniture and objects from Zaans homes and businesses shows a rich cultural and industrial past; the prosperity of the Zaans region.


The source of the Zaans prosperity was its industry. As early as the 17th century the region was one of the most important industrial areas of Western Europe; a position the Zaans region held up to the 20th century.

The Zaans Museum is in proud possession of collections from the heritage of Zaans industry which include historical films that bring the industrial past to life.


There is a rich exhibition on show, thanks to the 19th century Zaans inhabitants` passion for collecting. Countless images and paintings tell stories of typical Zaans people and events from centuries past. Ship`s models, paintings and original objects let you see the imposing history of shipbuilding and whale hunting.

The Tsar Peter House

The Tsar Peter House is one of the oldest examples of Dutch timber. Without the united efforts of Russia and the Netherlands, the cottage would no longer exist. To protect the wooden cottage against the elements, a stone roof was added in 1823 with open arches, paid for by Princess Anna Pavlona. After her death she left the house to her son, Prince Henry. Tsar Alexander III had supports added in 1890, as well as a stone foundation.

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