Linx Telecommunications BV
laureate of RusPrix 2013 in nomination "The best results achieved by a Dutch company on the Russian market"
Linx Telecommunications BV

Our Corporate Identity


We are the preferred business partner for managing data in tomorrow`s world.


To be the preferred business partner by building long term relationships and protecting, storing, processing and transmitting data from, to and in the regions where we are present. We strive to have a unique combination of datacenters and telecom network, operated by a dedicated professional team.


Commitment to quality and value

In all we do we are dedicated to bring quality and value. We stimulate our talents and potential to excel at innovation and execution. Our common passion is data and modern technology, which fuels our motivation to succeed and to be the best at providing cutting edge IT solutions.


Commitment to being fair, trustworthy, transparent, consistent and reliable in all our actions

We act on a solid foundation of ethical principles. In all our activities and practices we expect and enforce fairness, respect and compliance with our Code of Conduct. Not only from ourselves but also from our stakeholders.


Commitment to customer value and satisfaction

Our customers come first. Being part of our customers’ success is our main driving force and motivation for continuous improvement. We design and build solutions that match and exceed customer expectations.


Commitment to common success

We are an international team combining local expertise with global standards. We share our knowledge and unite in efforts to achieve our common goals.


- To provide the best industry quality, security standards and solutions.
- To deliver excellent results to our customers and shareholders.
- Our business partners benefit from our international business reach, cutting edge solutions and expertise.
- Our culture is performance driven.
- We think and act in accordance with our Linx Values.

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