Drs. Gertjan Lankhorst
laureate in nomination "Outstanding personal contribution to the Development of Dutch-Russian Economic relations on the state level"
Drs.G. Lankhorst is the CEO GasTerra, which in 2011, together with its Russian partner Gazprom, celebrates 10 years of execution of a strategic contract to supply Russian gas to the Netherlands. He is the Co-Chairman of the Committee on Energy of the Round Table of Industrialists of Russia and the EU, a member of the Russia-Netherlands Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation and the Co-Chairman of the Energy Working Group of its Joint Business Dialogue. In the latter capacity, Mr Lankhorst has been a strong proponent of developing energy cooperation between Gazprom and Project Delta Group, a Dutch Foundation bringing together more than 20 top energy and industrial companies. This paved the way for a strategic cooperation agreement between these parties, which we hope to see implemented in the near future.

In recent years, many Russia’s cultural events in the Netherlands have been supported by Gasterra and personally by Mr Lankhorst. Thanks to this, hundreds of thousands of fellow Europeans were enabled to learn more about Russia and its culture.

Gertjan Lankhorst was born in Amsterdam on 22 December 1957. He worked at the VU in Amsterdam from 1982 to 1986. In 1986 he took up a position at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the General Economic Policy Department. He held a number of positions at the ministry, including Director for Oil and Gas (1996-1999), Marketing Director (1999-2003) and Director-General for Energy (2004-2005).

He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of GasTerra on 1 September 2006.

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