ING Group
laureate of RusPrix 2005 in nomination "The best Dutch business initiative in Russia"
ING Group is laureate of RusPrix 2005 in nomination "The best Dutch business initiative in Russia"

ING Group C&EE:
ING Group is a global financial institution of Dutch origin active in the fields of banking, insurance and asset management in more than 50 countries, with 112,000 employees.

ING seeks to provide a full range of integrated financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients through a variety of distribution channels, giving them the freedom to choose the option which best suits their individual needs.

ING comprises a broad spectrum of prominent companies working close with the customer. Many of them operate under their own brand names. ING`s strategy, which sets clear objectives, seeks to achieve stable growth while maintaining healthy profitability. The Group`s financial strength, its broad range of products and services, the wide diversity of its profit sources and the good spread of risks form the basis for ING`s continuity and growth potential.

In all its operations, ING strikes a careful balance between the interests of its customers, its shareholders and its employees. It is conscious of its responsibilities in a changing society.

Responsiveness to the needs of its customers, entrepreneurship, professionalism, teamwork and integrity are paramount in all ING`s activities.

ING Bank (Eurasia):
1775 First Russian Client opened account with Barings Brothers
1818 Placed First Bonds for the Imperial Russian Goverment in London/Amsterdam
1850 Appointed as Fiscal Agent in London for the Russian Government
1864 Issued Bonds for the Russian Goverment to Finance building of first Railways
1908 Issued Bonds for the City Government of Moscow for building of Tramways
1916 Appointed to manage Sterling/Ruble Exchange
1994 Became the second Foreign Bank to Receive Banking License in Russia
1995 Started to provide Custody Services
1998 Introduction of locally supported electronic banking system and 24-hour cash collection / Introduction of ATM network and payroll solutions
1999 A USD 50 million capital increase is carried out
2000 Obtained both VISA and Europay memberships
2001 Started issuance of VISA cards
2004 Became an official member of the deposit insurance system and was included by the state corporation "The Deposit Insurance Agency" into the list of registered banks

ING Bank (Eurasia) ZAO, a wholly owned subsidiary of ING Group, started its commercial activities in the 1st Quarter of 1994. Operating under the General License #2495 of the Central Bank of Russia, ING Bank (Eurasia) ZAO is licensed to serve residents and non-residents in both Rubles and hard currencies. ING Bank (Eurasia) ZAO is one of the leading international financial institutions in Russia with a focus on:

Cash Management
FX and Money Market, Treasury products
Investment Banking
Structured & General Lending

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